Streamline License Applications

NOTICE: In the Authority’s continuing efforts to streamline the license application process and improve efficiencies, several changes have been made to the instructions, application, and application review procedures.

Sections of the application, including the Establishment Questionnaire, List of Expenses (now labeled Financial Disclosure Form) and Method of Operation, have been significantly modified in an effort to reduce the number of incomplete or inaccurate applications submitted to the Authority, as well as to clarify information requested of the applicant. Sample diagrams with instructional text are now included in the application to provide guidance to the applicant when completing diagrams. The modified applications will be available on our website within the next few days.

There have also been changes made in the procedures for submission of information or documentation that was not provided with the application at the time of filing. The Authority will now require email addresses from applicants and their attorneys or representatives so as to communicate with applicants more efficiently. Deficiency letters will be sent to applicants advising them of the information or documentation needed to complete the review of their applications. All deficiencies must be submitted to the Authority within 10 business days from the date of the letter. An examiner will send a reminder email to the applicant five (5) days after the deficiency letter is mailed. The examiner may also contact the applicant by telephone to offer assistance in complying with the deficiencies, if needed.

The Authority will continue to review processes to determine if additional modifications are needed to best assist our customers.

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