SLA Sends Delinquent (COD) List Reminder Letter to Wholesalers

As part of our ongoing efforts to ensure a level playing field for all New York retailers, the Authority sent a reminder letter this week to all wholesalers that had not previously utilized the SLA’s online Wholesale Delinquent Management System (COD list), detailing their responsibilities to report retailers who are delinquent in making payment for alcoholic beverages 

All wholesalers are required by operation of Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABCL) Sec. 101-aa (for distilled spirits or wine) and ABCL Sec. 101-aaa (for beer) to notify the Authority of retailers that are delinquent in payment for alcoholic beverages.  For distilled spirits and wine, retailers have thirty (30) days from the date of delivery to tender payment on any invoice, and the Notification Date – the date wholesalers must notify the authority of any unpaid invoice – is the Monday immediately following the passage of 30 days for Monday deliveries, or the Tuesday immediately following the passage of 30 days for Tuesday deliveries, and so on.  Payment periods for beer deliveries are every two weeks, with Notification Dates generally falling no more than 30 days after any delivery.  The Authority publishes credit calendars to assist wholesalers and their staffs in monitoring retailer payment of invoices and ensuring proper notification of the Authority on the SLA website here:  For distilled spirits and wine there is also an option for email notification for delinquent retailers which has been deemed compliant by the Members of the Authority.  Email delinquent notification requirements are set forth in Advisory 2011-1 which can also be found on the Authority website, here:

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