SLA Announces Suspension, $120,000 Fine for Wholesaler

SLA Announces Suspension, $120,000 Fine for Wholesaler

At its December 19, 2012 Board meeting, the State Liquor Authority suspended the license of a New York State liquor and wine wholesaler for the first time in the agency’s history. The Board imposed a 30-day suspension and a $120,000.00 fine on Jandell Selections, Ltd., of Syosett, NY. Because the suspension prohibits the posting of February prices, as well as sales activity, in January, 2013, Jandell will be prohibited from selling any products in February as well as January. Widespread violations included selling products that were not price posted with the Authority, selling at prices different from those posted, and not offering products to all retailers.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control law requires that wholesalers of wine and spirits post their prices monthly with the SLA in order to ensure a level playing field where all licensed retailers are able to purchase products from wholesalers at the same prices. These provisions were enacted to create transparency and protect New York consumers and businesses from anti-competitive market behavior.

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