Resolution on the Self Certification Program

On January 6, 2010, the members of the State Liquor Authority passed a resolution delegating power to the Deputy Commissioner of Licensing to remove attorneys from the Self Certification Program who have filed applications that were found incomplete or containing misrepresentations.  

The Self Certification Program, which began in September of 2009, is limited to attorneys.   Attorneys participating in the program are held to the highest standards and are obligated to conduct the proper due diligence required under the program.  Failure to do so could place an attorney’s license to practice law in jeopardy.  Moreover, any attorney found to be knowingly certifying false information will be prosecuted and could face criminal penalties. 

While the vast majority of applications submitted under the new program have been found to be accurate and complete, audits have found a small handful to be deficient in some respects. This resolution was passed in order to ensure the continued integrity of the Self Certification Program.  While the Self Certification program is helping the SLA tackle the backlog of pending applications, this administration will not hesitate to send a strong message if false certifications are discovered. 

Delegation - Self Certification Program 


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