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The State Liquor Authority Enforcement Bureau has three zone offices, one each in New York City, Albany and Buffalo. It is the Bureau's responsibility to investigate violations and enforce the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law in New York State. The Bureau also provides training to police agencies as well as all levels of the beverage industry on provisions of the ABC Law.

The Authority issues approximately 125 different types of licenses and permits. The Bureau is entrusted to enforce all the provisions of the ABC Law including the monitoring of manufacturing, wholesale, retail, transportation, storage, and all other facets of the alcoholic beverage industry.

Most of the violations of the ABC Law are crimes for which violators may be arrested. Therefore, local police agencies play an important role with the Authority in enforcing the law. This shared responsibility occurs most often at the retail or consumer level of activity where most violations occur.

Although the Authority has no criminal jurisdiction, the police refer thousands of violations to the Authority for administrative prosecution. Complaints of violations are not only received by the SLA from police, but are also received from numerous other sources, including governmental agencies, citizens' representatives, community groups and individual complainants.

Register a Complaint by Phone

If you would like to make a complaint about an establishment or have questions on enforcement issues, please call (518) 474-3114 and select option 2.

Register a Complaint Online

If you would like to register an on-line complaint with the Authority you can do so via our Complaint Registration Form.

Self Report a Violation

Licensees may and should report any non-compliance with the ABCL and SLA rules regarding their operations. Licensees who self report violations benefit by displaying, good faith, trust, as well as a commitment to compliance and working with the Authority. Licensees who self report frequently avoid lengthy and costly investigations. The Authority ensures that licensees who self report violations receive significantly reduced penalties in any disciplinary actions that may commence as a result of the reporting.

Self reporting should take place soon after the licensee discovers the non-compliance. Reporting after the Authority has begun an investigation will not be deemed self reporting but merely cooperation. Additionally, self reporting that is selective and not complete may not receive full consideration in disciplinary matters.

To self report a violation of the ABCL or SLA Rules email our Enforcement staff at with the subject line of Self Reporting. Reports may also be initiated by calling 518-474-3114 then pressing extension 2 then 1.        


POLICE DEPARTMENT REFERRAL FORMS - For Official Use By Law Enforcement Only

ATTENTION ON PREMISE LICENSEES: For information about the Clean Indoor Air Act and your responsibilities, please click on the following link.


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