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UPDATE: January 30, 2014

The Authority is pleased to announce that the much anticipated online price posting upgrades are now available for use by you and your staff to review and work on completing in the new format. Please find links to the instructional tutorials below.

Account Adminstrator Tutorial

Retail Schedule Tutorial

Wholesale Schedule Tutorial

On January 28, 2014 the Authority sent a letter of notification to all licensed wholesalers and manufacturers which contains valuable information including a unique PIN number to enable initial access to the new price posting system by licensees. If you have not received your mailing within a reasonable time or if you are a new licensee, please contact the Wholesale Bureau to obtain your PIN number.

For the convenience of current price posters, the new system has been pre-populated with your February 2014 schedule information. Due to some formatting changes, reviewing and updating the pre-populated information will be necessary. Please find a tutorial below to assist you with the conversion from the old format as well as a link to the new batch file format. 

First Time Data Conversion Tutorial

New Batch File Format

In keeping with SLA Advisory 2013-5a, the existing price posting system will remain in effect in conjunction with the new system until the May 2014 retail wine and retail liquor price postings (due April 7, 2014) when only the new price posting system will be available and all items (including limited availability items) will need to be properly price posted via the new system.

Once you complete your data in the new format, you will be able to certify your postings in the new system. Until that time, users will need to update the new system along with the old system until they are ready to start certifying on the new system. In the new system, wholesalers using Batch method to file are reminded to always keep their batch file updated/corrected.

Questions or problems can be addressed to the Wholesale Bureau at or (518) 474-3114.

To access the price posting module(s), use these links:

NEW Price Posting Module -

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