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Price Posting Query Links

Price Lookup - This link is available for all registered Wholesalers and Retailers to search the submitted retail posting data for the current month. 

Registration Screen - Licensees can register here to obtain an account for the Retail Price Lookup.

Public View - This link is available for the general public to view all submitted posting data for the current month. 

Wholesale Price Posting

All NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers that are the brand owner or exclusive brand agent are reminded of the requirements of ABCL 101-b(3)(a) regarding the need to file wholesale prices every month for all brands of liquor or wine sold to or purchased by you (whether or not you actually sell the brand to other wholesalers.)  Please also be reminded of the different methods for computing wholesale price postings as set forth in SLA Rule 65.5

Retail Price Postings

All NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers are reminded that only one price (and one corresponding set of discounts) is allowed per brand or trade name (notwithstanding vintage, container size, container type or flavor). 

The use of the term “pending” as a substitute for TTB COLA (Wine) or Brand Registration #'s (spirits) in price postings is permitted for no more than two monthly price postings for any brand or trade name. 

When posting combo packs you are reminded to list the TTB COLA for the primary product in the combo. 

Any New York City excise tax “Koch Tax” upcharge can be set forth on a wholesaler’s profile page in the "Terms of Sale" or "Other Information" sections and shall otherwise conform with the requirements of SLA Bulletin 535.


NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers must adhere to the following guidelines when submitting quantity discounts:

  • Case Discounts
    • With %
      9% ON 2 CS, 20% ON 5 CS, 40% ON 50 CS
    • With $ off
      $4.00 ON 2 CS, $8.00 ON 3 CS, $12.00 ON 5 CS
  • Bottle Discounts
    • With %
      9% ON 2 BT, 20% ON 5 BT, 40% ON 50 BT
    • $4.00 ON 2 BT, $8.00 ON 3 BT, $12.00 ON 5 BT

Only one unit of measure is to be discounted per product and all discounts must be separated by commas as outlined in the examples above. 

Limited Availability

NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers are reminded that prior notice is required for all limited availability price postings pursuant to ABCL 101-b(4-a)(d).  NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers are further reminded that no quantity discounts are permitted for limited availability items and limited availability postings must be properly filed by placing an “L” in the “limited availability/combo pack” column. 

  • To make the limited availability system more user friendly the SLA has set up an email inbox for wholesalers to utilize as follows:  The subject line of the email should include the name of the NYS licensed manufacturer or wholesaler and the body of the email or the attachment should include all brand or trade names being placed on limited availability for a given month.  NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers may establish general rules for their own limited availability allocations (ex.- 5 per retailer for 500 cases, 10 per retailer for 1000 cases) or may opt to establish them by individual brand or trade name, and are reminded that proposed allocations may be based upon past sales data (as long as a reasonable percentage is held back for potential new business).  Finally, NYS licensed manufacturers and wholesalers are reminded that value added packs that are limited in nature should be price posted as limited availability items.

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