Price Posting Instructions

General Information:

See ABC Law 101-b pertaining to price posting.

Only NYS licensed manufacturers/wholesalers with an active license can log in and create or modify price postings.

NYS licensed manufacturers/wholesalers that are the brand owner or the exclusive brand agent are responsible for filing the brand on the wholesale schedule. The brand must be filed on the wholesale schedule if the brand is for sale to other NYS licensed wholesalers or to NYS licensed retailers.

All NYS licensed manufacturers/wholesalers that are selling to retailers must complete and submit a retail schedule.

NYS winery, farm winery, and micro-winery licensees can file for the entire calendar year if they complete and certify their January schedule by the 25th of November for the wholesale schedule and the 5th of December for the retail schedule. Changes can be made to schedules and schedules recertified during any month in that calendar year (to become effective in the appropriate month based on the ABC Law).

You can only list one price per item. You can list multiple discounts per item using the “Discount for Quantity” column. If you are entering the same discounts for various items, you can create discount codes to use and then define them on the secondary page by using the link on the left for “Define Discount Codes”.

You can make changes to your schedule and recertify the schedule multiple times before the certification deadline. The last time you certify the schedule on or before the certification deadline will be the schedule that is filed.

Proper submission is your responsibility so allow sufficient time before the certification deadline to get your schedule done.

Accessing the price posting module:

On the ABC website, click on the “Wholesalers” link on the left then click on “price posting” under that.

In the new window that opens, read the instructions on the right then click on the “Begin the price posting management application” button. Non-license principals will log in on this screen once the wholesaler sets up a user account for them. License principals can use the link at the top of the page to go to a different log in screen which will give options for creating a log in and updating the log in profile. The “Account Mgmt” link on the left side of the page will offer various choices for changing/updating the user accounts.

Once you are logged in, the next page will give you schedule options so you can choose what schedule you want to work on and how you want to work on it.

** “Interactive Submission” will allow you to do the data entry right on our system from your computer keyboard.

** “Batch Submission” will require that you create a file (in a specific batch file format) that you will run from your computer then upload it to our system (use the "Test Batch Files" link on the price posting schedules page to test your file for errors prior to uploading).

Make sure you “Save” every time a page has that option.

When submitting information to the system, you must wait for each transaction to be completed before trying to move onto the next transaction. Attempts to rush the process (by clicking on additional items, trying to certify, or logging out) when the system is processing your last item, may cause your information to not be submitted properly. Be sure to allow the system to complete the last process you were doing before trying to move onto the next process or logging off. Proper submission is your responsibility so allow sufficient processing time.

Verify the information on your Profile Page. Make sure you complete the required field. You can also enter other price posting related information on this page. You must save this page.

On the wholesale schedule, if you are selling product to another NYS licensed wholesaler, you must list their license information on the next page. You must save this page.

The next page is a chart based on your schedule. It shows categories of products and the number of items you have listed for each category. After you have created your first schedule, this chart should always have numbers in the Brands column. This page allows you to select a particular category to work with those items. You can also use the options below the chart or in the banner on the left to choose how you work with your schedule of items. You will be making any additions, deletions, or changes in the appropriate field(s) right on the pages that appear. You will save after you finish with each item.

Again, make sure you “Save” every time a page has that option.

If you receive an error message at anytime while accessing the price posting module, read the message carefully. An error message must be resolved before your schedule can be submitted.

When you are done working with your schedule, you will need to select “Certify Price Posting”. This will first take you to a page where you will enter the email address that the system will use to send the certification confirmation email. Then you will use the “Certify Price Posting” button again to submit your schedule.

You will get a certification confirmation email as proof of certification. If you do not get the certification confirmation email, there is a problem and you will need to resubmit your schedule and watch for any error message you might get.

When you properly complete and certify your schedule by the certification deadline, the system will automatically copy the schedule information for you to use to begin the next month’s schedule.

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