Price Posting Announcement

The New York State Liquor Authority has updated the public site for viewing wholesale price posting information and has modified the licensee price lookup query in order to improve results.  The public site will now display results in a catalog style format.  To perform queries, wholesale and retail licensees will now be prompted to register and log in to a separate secure site.  No changes have been made to the process for uploading price posting information; however, a new price posting query site for wholesalers provides relevant links for viewing and searching posted information as well as helpful reminders to improve compliance, search results and data integrity.  Please review the reminders and adjust your data accordingly.  If you have any questions regarding price posting, please call (518) 474-3114 or email

Q: What is different about the search?
A: The new search is faster and more flexible.  Whereas the old search relied on exact matches, had fewer fields to search against and was less intuitive, the new search can return results based on partial strings, multiple values and price range.

Q: What do I need to register for a username and password?
A: You will need your licensee serial number and certificate number; both are printed on the license certificate.

Q: Does this impact the price posting process?
A: No, the price posting process is unchanged.  However, wholesalers should review their price postings regularly to guarantee accuracy and compliance with SLA rules and regulations.  The wholesaler price posting query page has a variety of reminders that impact search results and our staff will work with wholesalers to improve compliance.

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