New Advisories to Ease Restrictions on Manufacturers

As a direct result of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s Wine, Beer and Spirits Summit held on October 24, 2012, the State Liquor Authority today issued five new industry advisories to ease restrictions placed on manufacturers as well as promote the state’s hard cider industry.

The new advisories will allow craft brewers and cider producers to obtain permits to sell their products by the glass at special events. Previously, only small wineries were afforded this opportunity. Manufacturers will also be permitted to sell to consumers “by the bottle” when they are conducting tastings of their products.

In addition, the advisories will also allow manufacturers to hold multiple licenses at one location and reduce the paperwork requirements for manufacturers to obtain a license. Prior to today’s advisories, manufacturers who produced or sold multiple types of alcoholic beverages were required to have separate facilities for each type of product (liquor, wine, beer and cider) they produced. Allowing multiple licenses will reduce both the financial and regulatory burden for these small manufacturers.

The New Advisories are as follows:


The Complete List of Declaratory Rulings and Delegations of Authority


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