Margate Case - SLA Suspends Another Wholesaler, Imposes $110,000 fine

At the July 17, 2013 Full Board meeting the Members of the Authority accepted a Conditional No Contest Plea offer from Margate, Inc., a New Jersey based wine wholesaler, in full satisfaction of a Notice of Pleading containing thirty-one charges for numerous sales at unposted prices, failing to maintain regular business hours, and failing to operate as a bonafide wholesaler within the meaning of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law. The terms of settlement included a $100,000 civil penalty, a $10,000 bond claim and a 30 day suspension to be served in August, 2013. Additionally, because the suspension prohibits the posting of September prices, Margate will be prohibited from selling any alcoholic beverages in New York in September, 2013 as well.

The investigation was conducted by Beverage Control Investigator Ethan Manning and Special Counsel Dennis Saville, and prosecuted by Senior Attorney Paul Karamanol.

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