Full Board Meeting Facts

The Full Board of the New York State Liquor Authority generally holds two public meetings a month to render decisions on licensing and disciplinary matters. The Board may also vote on SLA policies, procedures, and personnel. The Full Board calendar is complied by the Secretary to the Authority prior to the Board meeting. Items on the calendar are called in the order in which they are signed in for on the day of the Board Meeting.


When a licensing item is called by the Secretary to the Authority, the licensee and/or their representative(s) often provides a brief statement followed by questions from the Members of the Authority. Persons appearing in opposition to a license may be afforded an opportunity to speak. No oral arguments are permitted in cases involving an application falling under the 500 foot rule, as a hearing has previously been held. The Members may vote to approve, deny, or carry over a license application. A license application is carried over when questions arise during the Board Meeting requiring further information or when a licensee or their representative requests the license be carried over. Each license application submitted to the SLA is reviewed on a case by case basis. A decision to approve or disapprove a license is made on the merits of the individual application, taking into account the recommendations of local law enforcement, government officials, community boards, and members of the public.


Members of the Authority vote to sustain or dismiss disciplinary matters and on penalties for licensees found to be in violation of the law. In addition, the licensee may submit, prior to the Full Board meeting, a conditional no contest plea. The licensee's offer is forwarded to the Members of the Authority for final determination. Each case brought to the Members of the Authority is examined on its individual merits. Licensees and/or their representatives are afforded an opportunity to speak regarding penalties.  Members of the public may also be permitted to speak. The Members of the Authority make the final determination as to whether the violation(s) are sustained.

The Members of the Authority may impose one or more of the following penalties:

  • License suspension, cancellation or revocation [ABCL § 17(3)],
  • Monetary penalty, [ABCL § 17(3)],
  • A bond forfeiture [ABCL § 112 and 9 NYCRR 81(3)],
  • A two-year ban against the issuance of a license to any part of the building containing the revoked licensed premises [ABCL § 113(1)].

At any time during a Full Board meeting, a Member of the Authority may call an executive session to discuss a matter of law. Executive sessions are not open to the public.

If you have any questions regarding the Board Meetings, please email our press office at or call (518) 486-4767.

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