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Retail Applications

Retail Fee Chart

On-Premises Application and Instructions

Liquor Store and Wine Store Application and Instructions

Grocery Store and Drug Store Beer and Wine Product Application and Instructions

Temporary Retail Permit Application

Roadside Farm Market Application

Chain Restaurant Application

Restaurant Brewer Applications
Personal Questionnaire and Applicant's Statement
Fingerprinting Instructions and Forms
Retail Application Supporting Documents
Notice to be Posted at Proposed Premises
Manufacturer Application and Supporting Documents

Wholesale Application and Supporting Documents

Out of State Direct Wine Shipment Application and Supporting Documents
Special Event Permits

Special Event Permits Authorization

Miscellaneous Permits

Online Permit Applications

The Following Applications are available Online - Click Here for Access

  • Transportation Permits
  • Representative and Marketing Permits
  • Alcohol Permit 
  • Brewer Tasting Permits (One-Time and Annual) 
  • Banking
  • Bottling
  • Drug Store
  • Entertainer - Minor
  • Fire Insurance - Salvage Company
  • Homemade Wine Tasting Function
  • Industrial Alcohol
  • Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer - Fuel Only
  • Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer
  • Institute of Higher Education (One-Time and Annual)
  • Lienor
  • Manufacturer - Non Beverage Products (One-Time and 3 Year)
  • Plenary Miscellaneous
  • Plenary Miscellaneous for Market Research Testing
  • Reconditioning
  • Sheriff Marshall, Receiver, Executor, Assignee
  • Taxicab Delivery
  • Warehouse
Solicitors Permits
Retail Vessel Application and Instructions

Change Applications and Related Documents
Alteration Applications
Applications and Instructions for Petition for Removal (Change Locations)


Other Applications and Forms

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