Electronic Submission of Photographs

How to submit photographs to the NY State Liquor Authority

Important: The electronic photo submission process should only be used in response to a deficiency letter. Original photos should normally be submitted with your application.

E-Mail Addresses for Submissions: Photos should be submitted to the deficiency mailbox referenced in the deficiiency letter you received.

Photo Formats: All photos should be submitted in a commonly readable format to include .jpg, .jpeg, .tif, .gif, .pdf, .png. Photos should be correctly oriented (Top of photo is at top of page) prior to submission.

Size / Quality Requirements: Each photo submitted should be of a reasonable size, generally 500KB or smaller. It is recommended that you set your digital camera to its lowest quality setting to achieve meeting this size requirement.

Naming Convention: All file names should reference the serial number of your main license application.

Subject Line of E-mail: The Subject Line of the e-mail must include the seven-digit License Number. Example: Subject: 1234567

Additional Bars: All photos submitted for additional bars should reference the main license serial number.

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