Departmental Bills

Departmental Bill # 16 (SLA 10-07)
This bill would authorize the State Liquor Authority to enact regulations regarding the practice of bottle service at licensed on-premises establishments;

Departmental Bill # 23 (SLA 5-07)
This bill would provide an exemption to large venues (i.e. nightclubs) from provisions related to additional bars;

Departmental Bill # 24 (SLA 1-07)
This bill would provide the State Liquor Authority with general rule making authority;

Departmental Bill # 47 (SLA 2-07)
This bill would amend the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law regarding the 200 foot rule in order to clarify that certain activities may occur at places of worship without jeopardizing the exclusive use requirements;

Departmental Bill # 48 (SLA 12-07)
This bill would provide for a stadium vendor permit;

Departmental Bill # 80 (SLA 9-07)
This bill would clarify and streamline the local option provisions of the Alcoholic Beverage Control Law;

Departmental Bill # 108 (SLA 14R-07)
This bill would make permanent the requirement that beer kegs be clearly marked with an identification label or tag, allowing law enforcement to identify purchases of kegs found at underage parties;

Departmental Bill # 112 (SLA 13R-07)
This bill would make permanent certain provisions of law relating to the sale of alcohol and tobacco products to minors.


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