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Kerri O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer
Chad Loshbaugh, Deputy Commissioner of Administration
Jacqueline Flug, Counsel to the Authority
Jacqueline Held, Secretary to the Authority
William Crowley, Director of Public Affairs
Noel Colon, Director of Enforcement
Michael Drake, Director of Information Technology

Zone 1 – NYC
Michael Jones, Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Franklin Englander, Supervising BCI, Enforcement

Zone 2 – Albany
Lisa Bonacci, Deputy Counsel
Joseph Finelli, Supervising BCI, Enforcement

Zone 3 – Buffalo
David L Edmunds Jr., Deputy Commissioner
Gary Bartikofsky, Supervising BCI, Enforcement

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New York State Liquor Authority • 80 S. Swan Street • 9th Floor • Albany, New York • 12210-8002