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Welcome to the State Liquor Authority Online Permits Home Page. Please use the "Apply Here" button below to login and apply or manage your SLA permits.  Also visit the NYS License Center Homepage where you have access to a wide variety of online services.  

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Please call (518) 453-8130 to reach the call center between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm Monday-Friday.

Special Event Permits

Temporary Beer, Wine and Cider Permit* $36 per point of sale, per day
Caterer's Permit $48 per point of sale, per day
Club Caterer's Permit $48 per point of sale, per day
Charitable Permit $20 (alcohol may not be served for consumption)
All Night Permit $61 per point of sale (New Year's Only)

* The Alcoholic Beverage Control Law limits the number of Temporary Beer & Wine permits that can be issued for a location to four (4) permits during a 12 month period.

Transportation Permits

Aircraft (one-time or 3 year) one-time $36, 3 year $788
Trucking $173 per truck
Fleet Trucking $6,420
Fleet Company $6,420 (must have a wholesale license)
Steamship (one-time or 3 year) one-time $36, 3 year $788

Representative Permits

Broker (one-time or 3 year) one-time $36, 3 year $788
Negotiator (one-time or 3 year) one-time $36, 3 year $620
Marketing (one-time or 3 year) one-time $25, 3 year $395

Miscellaneous Permits

Alcohol $38
Banking $36
Bottling $4,820
Brewer Tasting (one-time or 3 year) one-time $30, 3 year $1,010
Drug Store $173
Entertainer - Minor No Fee
Fire Insurance - Salvage Company $30
Homemade Wine Tasting Function $20
Industrial Alcohol $212
Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer $2,420
Industrial Alcohol Manufacturer Fuel Only No Fee
Institute of Higher Education (one-time or annual) one-time $36, annual $276
Hospital $98
Lienor $36
Manufacturer of Non-Beverage Products (one-time or 3 year) one-time $36, 3 year $788
Plenary Miscellaneous $30
Plenary Miscellaneous for Market Research Testing $30
Reconditioning $26
Sheriff Marshal, Receiver, Executor, Assignee $36
Taxicab Delivery $71
Warehouse $788

Special Event Permits Authorization Documents

Special Event Permit Terms and Conditions136.23 KB
Transportation Permit Terms Conditions87.74 KB
Marketing and Representative Permit Terms Conditions99.64 KB

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