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Electronic Submission of Photographs

How to submit photographs to the NY State Liquor Authority:

E-Mail Address for submissions: ABC.PHOTO@sla.ny.gov This process is for Photographs only! Do not send messages, documents, or photos of documents as they will not be acknowledged or processed.

Photo Formats: All photos submitted to be added to your file(s) must be in *.jpg format; all other formats (e.g. - *.tif, *.gif, *.zip, *.pdf, etc.) will be rejected. Photos should be correctly oriented (Top of photo is at top of page) prior to submission.

Size / Quality Requirements: Each photo submitted must be 100KB or smaller. It is recommended that you set your digital camera to its lowest quality setting to achieve meeting this size requirement.

Naming Convention: All photos should be named/numbered consecutively with the lead numeral always a "1" and the second numeral stating the consecutive photo numbering, i.e., 1-1.jpg, 1-2.jpg, 1-3.jpg etc for each individual e-mail submitted (see the image below for clarification). This may require you to rename them from the default name given to them from your camera before submitting. Please do not add any other information to the file name of the photo

Subject Line of E-mail: The Subject Line of the e-mail must include the seven-digit License Number. Example: Subject: 1234567

Multiple Licenses / Add Bars, etc.: All photos submitted in a single e-mail message must refer to a single license number only. Photos for additional license numbers should be submitted in a separate e-mail.

Below is an example of what your e-mail submission should look like (This example uses Microsoft Outlook. Your e-mail client may differ from what is shown):

Photo_email-w note


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